Home and Garden - Exhibitors Section
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See the Exhibitor Kit and Media Resources we've put together for you.
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Using the map:
  1. Click a building to see the inside floorplans. Reload the page to return to the outside map view.
  2. Use the slider on the right side of the map to zoom in and out. Click and hold on map to drag it.
  3. Click the "Fullscreen" button in the bottom, right corner to open a larger version of the map.
  4. Click the tab on the left side of the map to open the exhibitor list, map legend and search function.
  5. The darkest-shaded booths are sold. Click on a booth or roll your mouse pointer over those booths to see who's there.
  6. Can't remember where you were located last year? Check this map.

This is the map for the March 2018 Home & Garden Show