Commercial Council


The Commercial Council’s mission is to speak with one voice on behalf of the commercial development community addressing the complex issues affecting the development of commercial and industrial properties throughout the central South Carolina region.


The Commercial Council’s purpose is to identify and isolate those issues that impact the commercial/industrial development process, develop a set of goals, objectives and an action plan to improve each of those.
The Commercial Council will address relevant topics such as, rezoning; the planning and development review process; land development policy; environmental policy; economic development; building codes; education; governmental and political interaction.

Opportunities for Involvement:

  -  Commercial Council Membership/Branding Committee
  -  Ability for involvement in key initiatives related to land development, infrastructure development, and governmental policy development.


Our current council membership is representative of significant retail, commercial & industrial developers, real estate brokers, land planners, lawyers, architects, financial institutions and insurance brokers in the greater Columbia area.
See the list of Commercial Council Members