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This log cabin was originally a kit purchased and put together by an individual. It had a unique qualities because of this. There were bulky cabinets constructed so that a tsunami wouldn't damage them, but had very little storage space. There was a tile floor that was laid with two layers of durarock and no thin set and no grout. The electrical, plumbing and gas lines were poorly configured and incorrect. Appliances were tightly arranged and hard to operate, and moldings and trim were just leftover materials from the flooring. 



When the cabin was sold, the new homeowners knew the basic footprint was exactly what they wanted. They had worked with Capital Kitchen & Bath before, so they knew the company could handle the many known and unknown issues with this property. They wanted a brighter, more updated version of the Country Kitchen and had a clear picture of what they desired the finished product to look like. Working with the designer and project manager from Capital Kitchen & Bath, they accomplished just that.

The crew took out all of the original bulky wood cabinets, the piecemeal wood walls and trim, and the old, unfinished tile flooring. Once the kitchen was down to the studs, the challenges became immediately visible and the proper craftsmen were hired to correct the electrical and plumbing issues needed to complete the remodel. The kitchen was reconstructed with sheetrock walls, new red brick tile flooring resembling the "old world" brick, and beautiful new alder wood shaker style cabinets with quartz counter tops and a custom chopping block top. The island was paired down and made more functional to incorporate a Sharp drawer microwave. The kitchen footprint was increased only slightly yet the kitchen was made to seem larger with the use of hidden accessories like the garbage disposal bins, the slide out baking tray racks and lovely nooks for baskets to store everyday use items.

The cabinets have the added country appeal by using chicken wire fronts instead of glass. A wall of storage was added by incorporating built-ins, and the work space now had a more ergonomic flow and allowed for two people to be in the kitchen preparing meals. The finished product couldn't have made us any happier and looks like it belongs to the house as if it was the original plan all along. By using a contractor and a designer who had the expertise to correct all the imperfections that go along with the construction of a home by an individual, we were able to correct the issues and stay on budget.



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