2012 CRA Category 10 - Capital Construction, LLC

The Webbs’ early 1970’s home was 2400 square feet, and had a carport.  More space was needed for the family, plus an enclosed garage and storage area was needed.  Capital Construction took on the job and met the challenge.  As space had to be added to the home, the challenge quickly became matching the brick on the home.  Unfortunately, the brick used on the home is no longer in production, so the existing brick from the carport and retaining walls had to be salvaged so it could be used later.  Over 900 sq. ft. was added to the home to make a new bedroom, bathroom and closet.  The carport was enclosed and a side porch was also added.  The salvaged brick was masterfully added to the space visible to the street (our judges could hardly find the seam), and new brick was used on the rear of the home.  The main entryway was updated and the driveway was shifted to a less busy sidestreet for easier use and safety of the children.


Exterior Before:



Exterior After:





Interior Before:




New Spaces:






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