2012 CRA Category 10 - von Ahn Design, LLC

The existing layout provided no clear separation between the public and private spaces in the house.  The homeowners truly did not have any real privacy between their bedroom and the public entertaining areas as they had to walk through their dining room to get to their Master Bedroom.  There was also no clear definition of entry not only into the Dining Room but also to the front of the house as the front door looked like an afterthought on the elevation and seemed to have just been placed there.  Adding to the inefficiency of the plan, the existing Laundry Area was located in the basement, there was no Powder Room and the homeowners lacked ample china storage and areas for entertaining.


Before Plan and Images:



The new design included an addition to the front of the house which created a new, defined entry into the house while allowing for a new configuration and addition of spaces inside.  By moving the Dining Room forward into the new added space, we were able to configure a new hall, and three new spaces behind the dining room, including a new Powder Room, Butler’s Pantry and a new Laundry Room. Along with these new spaces, a new hall was also created, providing the homeowners with a private bedroom entry into their Master Bedroom.


After plan and images:




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