2012 CRA Category 8 - Gallup & Gallup

Historical restoration of a Prairie style house of approx. 4,200 sq. ft. built around 1917. We completely redesigned, remodeled, and restored this house following strict historical requirements for the exterior of the home. The interior of the house was completely reframed to accomplish the redesigned floor plan. We were able to redesign areas in the home to create new rooms that better suited the homeowner’s lifestyle. 

ALL SURFACES on the interior and exterior were remodeled, restored or rebuilt. During the life of the home, additions and changes had been added to both the left and right wings of the home that were not historically accurate. We redesigned these structures, including rooflines, to re-establish a more historically accurate elevation. We were able to reclaim existing heart-pine framing members that were no longer in use to create the staircase treads and trim work throughout the home. We were able to reclaim the heart-pine floors that were pulled up, reinstalled, and refinished. Some of the uniquely sized windows were rebuilt to original specifications. The trim work in the house was finished in a matter that reestablished the Prairie house style.




After (Front view):


After (back view):


After Interior:



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