2013 CRA Category 4 - Wise Guys

The homeowner called in the Wise Guys to remodel their Master Bathroom, and they fell in love with the large, open floorplan they were given to work with.  The current bathroom was out-of-date and needed an overhaul, but that's not all.  The space also had a horrible problem... a water leak!  The leak had gone undetected for quite some time and ruined the flooring of the bathroom AND the entire downstairs bathroom also had serious water damage and needed attention.


Everyone had to work together to gut the space, replace the tub and fix the floor, but the end product is an oasis for the homeowners.  And, the sneaky water leak and the resulting damage is a thing of the past.










This project is by:

Wise Guys Home Improvement, LLC

Rob Lindsey

Ph. (803) 622-5235

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