2013 CRA Category 8 - Gallup and Gallup

This home started off as a 1,100 square foot concrete block lake home that was once a vacation property.  The owners were interested in making it their primary residence, but the space was too small and out of date for their needs.  Gallup & Gallup were contracted to expand the existing structure by 1,500 square feet adding a master suite with master bath, remodeled and expanded kitchen, covered porch, relocated entryway with covered porch and foyer, a two-car garage and a new suite over the garage including bathroom.  


The existing 1,000 squre feet had two bedrooms, a bathroom and a great room - all of which needed to be remodeled to blend in with the new portion of the home.  If you're wondering why they didn't just tear down the old structure and build completely new, they had to keep the original structure or they would be subject to different lot lines, and would not be able to build a larger home on the lot.


After Floorplan of Home (Original footprint highlighted):



Front of home after renovation:

Rear of home after renovation:


 Remodeled and expanded den:


Remodeled and expanded kitchen:


New Master Bedroom:


New Master Bathroom:


The newly located entrance to the home opens to this new foyer:

At the top of those stairs is the new suite over the 2-car garage:

























This project is by:

Gallup & Gallup, Inc.

R.B. Gallup, Jr.

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