2013 CRA Category 9 - Design and Remodeling

This property is on the Wildewood Golf Course and the outdoor living takes advantage of the great location.  However, as anyone who lives in the South knows, a screened in porch is only so useful in the Summer.  The homeowners wanted more time to enjoy their view and therefore had to enclose their porch and make it more of a three season room.  


Design & Remodeling Solutions were hired to enclose the existing porch to keep out water and wind, but to allow maximum light and desireable airflow.  All changes had to be approved by Wildewood as they have an architectural review board.  There was also some damaged wood around the house to be repaired and the color of the house was to be updated.


One of the biggest challenges of this project was finding windows to fit in the available spaces of the porch.  The contractor found windows that would work, ordered a special door to match the new windows and finished up the job pleasing the client, and without angering the review board.


Rear of home, before:

Rear of home, after:

In the new porch:


Front of house, before:

Front of house, after: