2014 CRA Category 5

One of the main differences between new homes and older homes is that new homes have open floorplans.  The rooms flow together and fewer interior walls chop up the space.  Luckily, owners of existing homes with choppy floorplans can work with professional remodelers to remove the barriers and open up their homes.  It makes a dramatic difference to the look of the home and livibility is drastically improved.

This is the case in this project by Design & Remodeling Solutions. The homeowner had a den and living room divided by a wall. The remodeler removed this (load-bearing) wall without leaving a visible trace, and opened up the space.  While there, they fixed the shaky floor and added hardwood flooring, redesigned the fireplace and mantle, made a guest closet and pocket door to the hallway, scraped off the old "popcorn" cielings and finished them flat, and they moved some ductwork and electrical wiring and added new lights.  All of this and they blended it into the rest of the home, but with a much needed upgraded look and feel.

Before/After Plans:





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Design & Remodeling Solutions

Cliff Cinamon

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