2015CRAs Category 11 Design & Remodel

Most people aren't thinking about spending time outdoors in the cold, wet winter months, but Paul Fidanza was. He is renovating his new Lake Murray home sections at a time and he knew that he wanted some good outdoor living space when the good weather rolled around.  So, Design & Remodeling Solutions had to work on a deck and screen porch addition/renovation in the winter. And it was a cold and rainy December/January, so the project was delayed until February.

The project began with an aluminum deck on the back of the house, one story up with no staircase down to the backyard. A new screen porch was to be built over half of the existing deck and it need to blend into the existing house. A set of steel steps with a modern-looking steel cable railing system was also to be installed.

This project had a few things working against it.  First, as we mentioned, the weather this winter was miserable and difficult to work in. Second, this project is in Prosperity, SC which is a pretty good drive from Columbia. Finally, the staircase did not come assembled as was thought.. it had to be welded on the spot by the remodling company.

But, that's how things go, and why you hire professionals to do the job.  Cliff Cinamon and his team came through on-time and the final product is something the homeowners will enjoy for years to come.

Note: Judges liked seeing the screen attached under the decking to keep bugs out from all sides. Nice attention to detail!

Before and After:

Cat 11 Design & Remodel BEFORE

Cat 11 Design & Remodel AFTER

Cat 11 Design & Remodel BEFORE

Cat 11 Design & Remodel AFTER

Screen porch interior, after:

Cat 11 Design & Remodel AFTER 







Remodeling by:

Design & Remodeling Solutions

Cliff Cinamon

(803) 794-7993