2015CRAs Category 3 Wise Guys

14th Annual CRA WINNER!

When John Radford, a.k.a. J-Rad, purchased this Forest Drive home, he knew that he had taken on a project.  The home needed a considerable amount of updating, but the overall design met his modern tastes.

After tackling the kitchen, laundry, and backyard, and after rolling on countless gallons of paint, the home was starting to resemble his early visions. The back deck had been extended during a previous project, and a hot tub was placed at the end, just outside of a spare bedroom.  Naturally he wanted access to the hot tub from that end of the house, so a set of doors was cut into the exterior wall.

Now what he needed was a proper bathroom for his guests to use for changing and showering after a dip, so he decided that it was time to overhaul the original private three-quarter bath.  The small pink bath had served its owners well over its 50+ year life.

The first call was to Roby Lindsey with Wise Guys Home Improvement. Rob and his team had completed several projects for the homeowner including the deck, doors and laundry room, so he knew they had the knowledge and skills to remove the "pink monster" and build a proper J-Rad approved space.

The Pink Monster:

Wise Guys Cat 3 BEFORE  Wise Guys Cat 3 BEFORE

Wise Guys Cat 3 BEFORE  Wise Guys Cat 3 BEFORE

The new J-Rad-approved bathroom:

Wise Guys Cat 3 AFTER  Wise Guys Cat 3 AFTER

Wise Guys Cat 3 AFTER




Remodeling by:

Wise Guys Home Improvement

Rob Lindsey, Owner

Ph. (803) 622-5235