2015CRAs Category 3UD Kehoe

14th Annual CRA WINNER!

As a result of an illness, Charles (Doc) Floyd lost some of his balance and stability.  This made it difficult for him to get in and out of his enclosed shower unit. In conversations with Kehoe Constructors, Doc and his wife, Bert, determined that they would like to make the shower more accessible and safer to use. Also, they would like to create a more open and spacious look in their master bathroom.


Cat 3UD - Kehoe BEFORE   Cat 3UD - Kehoe BEFORE

The accesssibility and safety solution included a roll-in shower with a built-in bench, decorative grab bars, a hand-held shower mounted on a rated grab/slide bar.  The controls are mounted closer to the shower door for easier access. 

The open look was accomplished by removing the soffit above the shower and a partial wall between the shower and the garden tub. The wall was replaced with a 3ft. 8 in. frameless glass shower panel.


Cat 3UD - Kehoe DURING  Cat 3UD - Kehoe DURING

Per Bert & Doc's wishes, Kehoe Constructors also replaced all floor tile, the vanity, granite counter top and mirrors. And now they are enjoying their brand new, safer, more open and beautified master bathroom.


Cat 3UD - Kehoe AFTER     Cat 3UD - Kehoe AFTER

Cat 3UD - Kehoe AFTER





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