2015CRAs Category 4 Wise Guys

14th Annual CRA WINNER!

The Clark's master bath was looking and feeling a bit dated. Not only was it not awe-inspiring, but the shower was leaking to the point that it was no longer usable. The walls were covered with wall-paper, which added to the overall dated look. The chopped-up floor plan made the space feel small and dark. Bulkheads over teh vanities gave the bath a "department store" feel and was in desperate need ofa more tranquil effect.

According to the Clarks, the 1990's called and said they wanted their "Florida Tile" back.

The goal was to create a more open floor-plan, add natural light via a solar tube, and upgrade the fixtures which would ultimately include custom made sink bowls.


Cat 4 - Wise Guys BEFORE

Cat 4 - Wise Guys BEFORE


Cat 4 - Wise Guys AFTER

Cat 4 - Wise Guys AFTER 





Remodeling by:

Wise Guys Home Improvement

Rob Lindsey, Owner


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