2015CRAs Category 6 Design & Remodel

14th Annual CRA WINNER!

Cliff Cinamon of Design & Remodeling Solutions would have his work cut out for him on this job. The homeowner knew that she wanted some changes and fixes, but didn't really have a firm idea on the finished product. She gave Cliff the basic outline of what she was thinking and set him on his way.  

Thankfully, Cliff is a very good designer and problem-solver, so this was a challenge he was up to. Major areas that were to be updated included moving a laundry area from the kitchen to upstairs, redo a master closet and bathroom, figure out how to get more counter space in the kitchen, paint the house and scrape off the old popcorn ceilings. One of the more difficult parts about this job was that the owners and their three or so dogs would remain in the house throughout the project.

Existing Laundry turned into refrigerator/bar area:

Cat6-Laundry before

New upstairs laundry area:


Remodeled upstairs bathroom before (left) and after (right):




Remodeling by:

Design & Remodeling Solutions

Cliff Cinamon

(803) 794-7993