2015CRAs Category 6C Design & Remodel

14th Annual CRA WINNER!

Local entreprenuer Sarah Shell is the owner of Fern Studio, a local floral and event design studio.  She recently aquired a new space for the young company, but it needed a lot of work to be functional and safe. So, she called the company that did her home remodeling a few years back, Design & Remodeling Solutions.

Sarah had a 50-year-old office space and it showed. Cliff Cinamon of Design & Remodeling Solutions had to remove the old drop-ceilings, replace the air conditioning system, wiring, lighting and receptacles to meet code, remove the old flooring, install new plumbing fixtures, and make a bunch of repairs in the roof, venting and more.  The 1,000 foot space came out beautifully on the other side of the work, befitting the artists that work so hard to make beautiful creations within.  

From left side of space (after):


From Front (After):


From Right side (after):


Kitchen after:


 Remodeling by:

Design & Remodeling Solutions

Cliff Cinamon

(803) 794-7993