2016 CRA Cat04 - Capital Kitchens

2016 CRA Winner

This master bathroom is located a the end of the home and has an interesting layout to begin with. As with many bathrooms from the 1980's (and even today) there is a bathtub that goes mostly unused. This bathroom had that tub, and heavy moldings and soffits, plus a strange boxed-out area over the door that served no purpose at all.  Needless to say, there was a lot of work to be done.

Capital Kitchen & Bath removed the tub entirely to make room for a very large shower. They took the space where the shower used to be and created a make-up nook for the lady of the house, and they got rid of the heavy molding and soffits and that weird, useless area over the door.  What remains is a beautiful master bathroom that fits the needs of the homeowners much better than what they had.




Shower Before








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Capital Kitchen & Bath

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