2016 CRA Cat05 - Kehoe Constructors

2016 CRA Winner

This home sits on a woody hill side that will make you think you're in the North Carolina mountains. Unfortunately, the only outdoor living space available is an elevated deck or a patio underneath.  While those options are not bad, they're not the best and they weren't good enough for the homeowner.  What they really wanted and could enjoy more was a three- or four-season sunroom.

To accomplish this goal, they called Kehoe Constructors, LLC and had them visit the home. They came up with a way to build a sunroom where the existing deck had been, and they planned to use Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) to do it. These panels come pre-measured to order and fit together like a glove. Since they have foam insulation built in, they are extremely energy efficient.  After assembling the panels, Kehoe Constructors added some foam insulation under the sunroom to complete the insulation on all six sides and they prepared the room for a future mini split HVAC unit if the owners wish to add one later.


Cat08-Kehoe-Before Exterior


Cat08-Kehoe-Before Interior



Cat08-Kehoe-After Exterior


Cat08-Kehoe-After Interior


Cat08-Kehoe-After Interior


This project is by:

Kehoe Constructors, LLC

Ph: (408) 504-8800