2016 CRA Cat11 - Kehoe Constructors

2016 CRA Winner

If you haven't noticed by now, there are a lot of areas in Columbia where one can live right by a body of water. From the three rivers, to downtown neighborhood lakes to the majestic Lake Murray, there are plenty of watery lots around.  

This home is one of them and it has a breathtaking view of Lake Murray from what was once the private pointe of an SCE&G executive (the company that created the lake). This beautiful home really does take advantage of the lake view and waterfront property, but the back deck was not covered! The setting sun on the back of the house made it difficult to sit and enjoy the view for any period of time, much less cook out and enjoy a meal.  

Kehoe Constructors, LLC was contacted to fix this issue and make the back deck a more enjoyable space.  The solution was to extend the existing look of the home out over the main patio and grilling area. To further enclose the area, retractable solar shades were added to the three open sides so they could be closed off whenever needed. The addition looks like it's been there since the house was built, and you know you can find the owners outside a lot more.










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Kehoe Constructors, LLC

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