Large Bath Capital Kitchen & Bath


This project is in a category by itself so we didn't get to see it in person, and we are VERY upset about that. This looks to be an amazing project and we would have loved to have visited. But, alas, we'll look at the photos and dream...

The demolition consisted of removing interior walls (some load-bearing), old plumbing fixtures, floor finishes, old electrical and plumbing and removing existing wall finishes. The new areas are a master bath, master bedroom, master closet along with a new seating area at the newly enclosed porch. All of this is in 1,645 square feet.

After the demo, Capital Kitchen & Bath put in new floors, new walls, new electrical service lines for the new light fixtures, new plumbing lines, new doors and trim, a new glass shower and enclosed toilet. They also installed a drop soffit to add an architectural feature with the secret ability to hide the exhaust system. They then framed the renovation with grate lighting including wall scones, recessed LED light and center light fixtures.

New finishes include a heated tile floor, complete tile-enclosed shower with cubbies and seat plus full glass entry, and a soaker tub with floor-mounted supply and trim. The crown jewel of this renovation is the stained glass installed in the master bedroom and the seating area on the exterior wall (sorry, no photo!).