Outdoor Living Crystal Pools


Crystal Pools designed and built this pool in 1985 and was called back in to update the entire backyard in 2016. Ali Felschow went to reimagine the space her mother had built over 30 years ago. After that amount of time, a lot of work was needed and new codes and technologies gave this new generation designer a lot to work with.

The original decking was not sufficient and the spa was too small for the tall homeowners. Drainage in the yard was a major issue (and a problem that Ali enjoyed solving). The pool itself was 9 feet deep and not conducive to the family's current needs. Finally, after 30 years, the mechanical systems of the pool were outdated and in need of replacement. 

Normally when we see a pool in a backyard renovation, the landscaping is updated, the decking is improved and perhaps a porch is built, screened in, etc. Rarely is the pool itself changed outside of a liner or added accessory like a slide or water feature. In this case, however, the pool itself underwent a transformation as well as the yard around it, and that made this project stand out with our judges. The little spa was removed completely and a new, larger spa was added in a different location. A lounge-deck was created in the pool where two chaise loungers await sunbathers. We'll find and post some before photos so you can see the difference.

Under the hood, Crystal Pools replaced the entire chlorine system with a new Ozone system. They added variable speed pumps, re-routed all of the drainage to the street (480 feet worth of run), and hid all of the equipment so you can't even see it while in the area.

The backyard was made into three distinct zones, in part to fix the existing drainage issues, but also to set up different entertaining areas. The pool is one area where new decking was upgraded and 900 sq. ft. were added, and a recessed ridge was created around the pool. Two Grand Effect Helix Torches that look like fire-tornadoes are a highlight here. The sitting area with a gas fire pit is the second area and the raised, grassy side-yard is the third.

The changes have completely transformed the backyard and it is THE place to be for this family.