Kitchen Remodel Kehoe Constructors LLC

This project is the definition of doing a lot with a little. At 103 square feet, the original kitchen in this West Columbia home is not too big or too small, but the appearance was dated. The homeowner called on Kehoe Constructors to bring it up to a more modern look.

As you can see from the "during" photo below, Kehoe Constructors removed everything from the space and brought in new everything including cabinets, appliances, tile flooring and backsplash and new lighting. See the "after" photo below and the results speak for themselves... almost.

Our judges' jaws were left agape by the overall cost-to-value ratio of this project! They are still trying to figure out how all of this was done for less than $15,000. We didn't get to meet the homeowner on our visit, but we hope she is extremely pleased with how her kitchen turned out, especially considering the price.