Large Kitchen Capital Kitchen & Bath

This is a classic case of "Professional Remodeler Needed." As if the known challenges weren't enough to warrant a pro, the unknown issues certainly would have been an alarm.

This space needed to be re-imagined, but there wasn't a lot of room to play with. There was a hidden chimney behind a wall, an elevator shaft encroaching on the space, old wiring to be dealt with, unlevel floors, heating and air vents in the way and challenging window placements. But, when you work with professionals, all of this can be planned for, fixed, replaced or worked-around in the best possible manner.

Capital Kitchen & Bath came in and removed a wall between the front den and the kitchen making room for a big island. Next, they repainted the space and patched and refinished the hardwood floors.They replaced the kitchen cabinets (including wiring for undercabinet lights), countertops, appliances and backsplash. They then added an entertainment unit in the front den area. They moved the range and refridgerator to different locations (in part to get around that hidden chimney). 

The space remained 375 square feet, but the look and feel is entirely different.