Large Kitchen Palmetto Construction & Renovations


The original kitchen in this home was choppy. There were three distinct areas that did not work well together. Palmetto Construction & Renovations were brought in to open up the space and make this a modern, open kitchen.

The project involved moving two walls - one to open the space into the former dining room, and the other to open the kitchen into the family room. Additionally, a small section of the garage was utilized to add some additinoal square footage to create a pantry/mud room. This open concept floor plan created a nice flow between spaces and allowed for the creation of an informal seating area next to the kitchen.

The list of features in this kitchen is almost too long to add here, so we'll let the photos do the talking.

However, we would like to mention something else we noticed while vising this house. Judging these awards is a lot of fun.. seeing the work, meeting the homeowners... all great. Over the years, we've noticed that, for the most part, the homeowners have nothing but nice things to say about their remodelers and experience with them. Some have glowing tales of how their remodeler went above and beyond for them, or how they miss the crew being in the house with them (no lie!). But in all of our years doing this, we don't think we've met such an enthusiastic homeowner as the one here. Mrs. Zeigler is the *biggest fan* of Jim Evatt and Palmetto Construction & Renovations, and that's saying a lot because all of the PCR clients that we've met say the nicest things about him. She'll be happy to tell you about her experience and why you should hire Jim to do your next project.