Full Renovation - Capital Kitchen and Bath

If you've ever entered Columbia via the Gervais Street bridge you may have noticed the neighborhood of townhomes on the right just at the end of the bridge. There are quite a few townhomes there and we've noticed a good bit of remodeling in that area over the past few years. Well, this is our opportunity to see inside one of those townhomes, and it. is. spectacular.

The homeowners recently aquired this home and felt that it needed to be updated and made more functional. They needed room for a piano and keyboard as well as a home office. The kitchen and master suite needed to be updated, and even the garage needed something different. Some unexpected problems arose, but the remodelers and their team dealt with them in stride to give the owners a safe home and exactly what they wanted. 

Note: this is a four-story dwelling that was nearly completely gutted and all new materials brought in. The remodeler had to rent a crane to make this possible.

First Floor - Guest suite and garage

New Guest Room

Second Floor - Kitchen and Den

Kitchen - Before

Kitchen Before

Kitchen Before


Kitchen After

Kitchen After

Kitchen Nook

Den After

Third Floor - Master Suite and Laundry

Stairs and Hallway

Master Bedroom After

Master Bath - Before

Master Bath Before

Master Bath - After

Master Bath After

Master Bath After

Master Closet

Master Closet

Fouth Floor - Home Office


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