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The homeowner of this project sought to live in the city and had a "laundry list" of criteria for her next home that, according to her, every real estate professional she spoke with said would be impossible to find in any single home. Refusing to believe that the perfect home wasn't available, she set out to find what she wanted. She searched and searched until, one day, an old home was seen peeking out through the trees and weeds and bushes of an overgrown lot. Upon investigation, and with a creative eye, the property checked off all of the items she was looking for! 


A forest of unwanted vegetation was removed from the property and the local historical society was contacted to learn more about the home. Turns out, it has a rich history and would soon be on the historic register. A recently-added plaque on the home confirms this.

An interesting tidbit of information is that this home contains one of the first residential showers in the area. At the time of construction, homes did not have showers - only tubs. Mr. J. T. Dabbs was in the prison business back then, and that was where he got the idea for the then strange bathroom compartment. The original shower is in tact, yet being repaired, in the home today.

We don't have a lot of photos from this entry, but there has been a lot of work done, and more is in the works. The main floor has been slightly re-arranged to accomodate the kitchen and first-floor bedroom design. Very large upstairs bedrooms were divided to form extra rooms and closets. Palmetto Construction & Renovations did a wonderful first-pass on this project and the homeowners have put in a lot of work as well.

Future plans include updating the free standing servants' quarters into a guest house, transforming the quail house into a gardening shed and adding a swimming pool, among other things.


Kitchen Before

Master Bath before


Kitchen after

Kitchen After

Master Bath after

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