Kitchen Remodel - Wise Guys Home Improvement

This project started when the homeowner decided that their kitchen was too small for their large table. They wanted to simply make the space a little bigger to allow them the ability to have an eat-in kitchen and also to update the space they spend the most time in. 

Wise Guys Home Improvement began the remodel in January 2017 and it was quite the demo process; they planned to remove the existing rooflines in order to raise the roof on the whol back of the house. They quickly noticed that termites had compromised the entire back of the house and that the homeowners were not the only ones eating in the kitchen!

They deconstructed the back of the house in order to get to something they could start building onto. But, once they got started, everything went smoothly. They ended up remodeling the kitchen, and adjoining bath and laundry area and the back deck while they were working on the kitchen - our judges loved the new deck, BTW. The Wise Guys team worked diligently to get the home back together and make the kitchen the main focus.

The kitchen now has custom cabinets (built on-site) with customized details to exactly what they homeowners desired. They installed black quartz countertops with stainless steel appliances. After all the work was done, the remodelers and homeowners brought in the kitchen table that started the whole project and placed it in the kitchen. The homeowner was so overwhelmed that she cried and kept thanking the remodelers for making her dreams come true!


Kitchen Before Kitchen Before





Kitchen After

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