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This Shandon Bungalow with one bathroom was the "it" thing in the mid-1950s. But, when you discover a leak that is causing the floor to crack and slope, you've got to call in a professional remodeler so they can fix your bathroom, and (hopefully) quickly!

Wise Guys Home Improvement came up with a plan that would update the bathroom but keep that classic 1950's look and feel, and get the job done as quickly as possible. As soon as they started the demolition, they found that the entire subfloor was gone and almost fell through the floor! They had to completely replace all the floor joists, subfloor and some portions of the sill. Doing all of this gave the remodeler to opportunity to drop the framing to accomodate a linear drain in the shower and eliminate the need for a threshold.

Palmetto Tile worked with the homeowner to develop a really neat and period-appropriate design, and John Gillispie worked hard to make sure the tile was timed out just right around the whole room. The Schluter System was used to prevent future water leaks in the area giving the homeowner peace of mind. Wise Guys also installed wainscoting around the room with custom built shelves and cabinets.

The homeowner is so happy with the bathroom that he can't wait to show it off to everyone who comes to the house.


Bathroom Before Bathroom Before


Bathroom After Bathroom After

No-threshold, linear drain shower

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