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Kehoe Constructors, LLC can do all sorts of remodeling projects, but their niche is in Universal Design and Aging-in-Place. They design spaces that can be used by people of all ages and abilities and they look great. This bathroom remodel is in that category.

Kehoe Constructors was called in to remodel an existing master bathroom. To do this, they had to demolish the existing small shower, lage corner garden tub, vanities, mirrors and the tile floor. 

But, they realized soon enough that they would have to modify the flooring to accomodate the roll-in shower and that there was a water leak that had damaged the sub-floor. So, they added an extra post, pier support and frame, rerouted the drain line and replaced the damaged sub-floor. They then installed a new tile roll-in shower with glass partition and door, new soaking tub, new vanities, mirrors and tile floor.

The result is a beautiful new bathroom that has many great Universal Design features that you probably wouldn't notice unless you needed them.


Bathroom demo Bathroom demo


Bathroom After

Bathroom After   Bathroom after

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