Universal Living

The BIA Remodelers Council is pleased to offer the Universal Living Certification for the use of new home builders in the Midlands of South Carolina. This program helps all homeowners, builders and remodelers provide a ‘blueprint’ for active living environments that are inspiring, functional, efficient and safe for all generations and all abilities.

So, how can the program be used?

First a builder or company can make the decision to build homes to the plan on their own. A custom or small-volume builder can implement the program on their homes individually or across-the-board, or offer the certification as on option to their clients. Large scale builders can choose to redesign some of their plans to be Universal Living optional so customers have the choice to make their home more accessible and visitible with a minimum of hassle.

Or, if someone is about to build and the thought of a home for all generations and abilities is appealing, they can present the program to their builder (any builder) and have them follow it in the design and build process.

Download the Certified Universal Living program checklist [.pdf]

How is the program regulated?

In either path, the builder will have to work with an approved verifier to make sure they are following the program correctly and that all items selected from the checklist are included in the finished home. Once the final product is inspected and verified, the completed checklist is sent to the Remodelers Council for certification. A Universal Living Certification sticker will be issued and sent to the builder/homeowner to be affixed to the home. A record of all Universal Living Certified homes will be kept on record with the BIA Remodelers for future reference.

We currently have one approved verifier for the program:
Tim Kehoe, CAPS, CGP  E-mail
Ph. (803) 951-0494
Kehoe Constructors, LLC


If you have any questions on this program, please contact Bin Wilcenski at the BIA of Central SC.

Phone: (803) 256-6238 or e-mail.